A Series of Personal Reflections by Eminent Researchers in Parapsychology
Why do some brilliant, talented individuals enter this field and persist in investigating it even though they may be ridiculed or ostracized by main-stream scientists?

In this series of volumes, Rosemarie Pilkington has asked these and other questions of prominent parapsychologists who have responded with wisdom and wit, telling their personal stories of intriguing findings, fascinating anomalies and things that go bump in the night.
Men and Women of Parapsychology Vol 2

Esprit, Vol. 2
Edited by Rosemarie Pilkington

  Men and Women of Parapsychology, Personal Reflections: Esprit, Volume 2
In this second volume of personal reflections by Men and Women of Parapsychology, Rosemarie Pilkington has asked some brilliant, talented people who have spent most of their lives exploring the mysteries of consciousness why they entered the realm of parapsychology, why they persisted in investigating it even though they might be ridiculed or ostracized by many mainstream scientists, and what advice they have for young people entering the field.

"This long-awaited second volume is as compelling and satisfying as the first, as likely to inspire a new generation of investigators, writers, and supporters of our still difficult, still challenging science... Enjoy this collection of essays and interviews. Just as she did in the first volume, Pilkington has given us a feast of lives. It's a wonderful meal."--
from the Foreword by Nancy L. Zingrone, PhD

Anomalist Books
Trade Paperback, $18.95
430 pages
ISBN: 9781938398018

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Men and Women of Parapsychology, Personal Reflections,
Vol. 1
Edited by Rosemarie Pilkington

Anomalist Books
Trade Paperback, $12.95
184 pages
ISBN: 1933665505

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  ESPRIT: Men and Women of Parapsychology, Personal Reflections: Volume 1
is a collection of autobiographical essays by a group of esteemed 20th century psi researchers, giving us a glimpse of why these gifted, astute individuals devoted much, if not most, of their life's work to this fascinating but monetarily unrewarding field. In the process, Jule Eisenbud, Eileen Coly, Gertrude Schmeidler, Karlis Osis, and eight others advise a younger generation on what pitfalls to expect and what they felt were the most important areas of investigation. This is the first of a planned three-volume series.

, a writer, musician, and educator has a Ph.D. in psychology (consciousness studies) from Saybrook Institute. In addition to writing many articles and book reviews on psychic phenomena, she compiled and edited Men and Women of Parapsychology: Personal Reflections, published in 1987 by McFarland, an anthology that earned praise in Europe and the Americas and spawned several similar books in the years that followed. Esprit, Vol. 1 is a reissue of that classic, much praised book. Dr. Pilkington is presently compiling Vol. 2. She is also the author of The Spirit of Dr. Bindelof.

In her first book Men and Women of Parapsychology: Personal Reflections (now reissued as Esprit, Volume 1.) she compiled and edited autobiographical essays and interviews from leading parapsychologists eliciting why they had entered the field, what they felt was important, and so on. The book was favorably reviewed and subsequently spawned several imitations by others . . .

What they're saying...

"I have come to the realization that this book should be acknowledged as being among the top tier of the enduring classics of science of the Twentieth Century." — Prof. Robert A. McConnell

"Congratulations and cheers . . . One doesn't have to read too closely to realize that despite certain attitudes and beliefs in common . . . your contributors differ remarkably on some of the most fundamental issues involving psi, its present and its future. Nowhere else have I seen this so clearly displayed. I personally find this exciting and enriching. . ." — Jule Eisenbud, M.D.

"Pilkington's volume will have a lasting appeal. I would like to encourage her here to consider bringing out another volume with new essays . . . A series of books like Men and Women could provide . . .rich material for historians of parapsychology. In any case, Pilkington has certainly done a laudable job whether or not she commits to the development of such a series." - Nancy L. Zingrone, Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research

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